Hittin The Beach?

Cool beans!… whether you are taking a spontaneous road trip, planning a day trip, an over night stay, long weekend or vacation, BeachTimeFun.com makes it easy to find the best attractions! Experience everything the beach has to offer… just tap or click on a beach destination to find places to stay, places to eat, nightlife, shops, special events – just about anything fun you can do during your stay! And checkout the many specials being offered so you can do more and spend less!

Our Approach

Have you found yourself searching the internet looking for the best place to stay? Where to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour? Having a pang for a homemade ice cream? Looking for nightlife venue with live music? Maybe do some fishing, go paddle boarding, play miniature golf, or take a ride on a whale and dolphin watch boat. Or just want to take in the sights and do some shopping? Whatever it is, you find yourself on a site with a gajillion listings with great reviews and bad reviews (who knows if they’re really real), with some listings miles away from you, and being more confused than when you started.
BeachTimeFun.com takes a more simple approach. At BeachTimeFun.com, each beach town’s attractions are categorized by type along with all the information you need. Use BeachTimeFun.com to easily find all the fun stuff to do at the beach!